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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Topical Service Learning Reflection #2

While tutoring at the learning center, I observed how space influences one's attention and schedule.

The limited space at the learning center requires individuals to look beyond their daily lives. As such, students and tutors have to book appointments to participate at the learning center. Said students and tutors learn how to plan around rush hour traffic, work schedules, and unexpected obstacles.

In America, many situations require scheduling to optimize the conditions of social meetings (i.e. job interviews, restaurant dining, equipment repair, et cetera) due to time and spatial restrictions. As individuals perform this folkway at the learning center, they practice time management and improve their social interaction with others in American society. Thus, I witnessed how spatial limitations socially affect one agenda.

Additionally, the learning center arranges its desks in a manner that prevents students and tutors from distractions. Tall barriers deter wandering eyes and thwart forecast predictions.

The learning center's arrangement of space forces its students to concentrate and accomplish each lesson's objectives. To me, the Cohn center's spatial positioning demonstrated said center's attempts to create an advantageous learning environment rid of distractions. Therefore, I realized how spatial arrangement can prevent distractions to the learning process.

My experiences at the learning center taught me how space influences one's attention and schedule. From my observations, I have learned how spatial arrangements try to incorporate optimization techniques.

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