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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Service Learning Visit #4 (Hour 7)

On Thursday, I arrived at the Cohn Adult Learning Center for my last appointment. As I walked up the stairs of the school, I reflected on the different sessions and experiences with my students. I realized that while I could try to formulate a teaching approach, said approach would not apply to all students. One's system must adapt to the unique circumstances of one's students.

As I reviewed the lesson plan, my new student arrived and we began our session (his name will be Fred). Initially, Fred and I conversed about education. Fred told me about his elementary and secondary education in Mexico. After high school, he studied photography and became a professional photographer for ceremonial occasions (i.e. weddings, funerals, quinceanearas, et cetera).

The beginning of our lesson started with vocabulary terms regarding classroom objects (i.e. map, flag, pledge, et cetera). Fred was a brilliant individual; he could create elaborate examples using the provided terms. The only aspect of Fred's literacy that need improvement was his pronunciation, but he quickly corrected his verbal errors after some guidance. We finished the lesson plan early, and I asked Fred about his profession as a photographer. He told me about traveling to stunning locations for his clients' events. As he told me his stories, we chuckled over the priceless shenanigans of his experiences.

After Fred left, I filled out the paper work for the Cohn Center and walked down the stairs of the school. I opened the front door and sat on the curb. As I waited for my ride, I thought of my students who taught me how to help others. They taught me how to be a better person.

I will never forget their stories.

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