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My name is McLean Smith and I am an observer of life. I like to create music, capture experiences, and refine expression through my observations. To me, music is a feeling. It is something that captivates one in the moment and releases reactions unknown. It is something I wish to create for the rest of my life. It is something I hope to share with the world.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Subcultures of Musicians, Songwriters, Producers, Mastering Engineers, and Publishers

As a budding Music Business student, I would be interested in studying the subcultures of musicians, songwriters, producers, mastering engineers, and publishers.

I would like to observe the practices of musicians and songwriters in recording and writing sessions so that I can see how professionals conduct themselves and apply that knowledge to my future experiences. As an amateur musician and songwriter, any type of guidance from experienced musicians and songwriters would be valuable information.

Similarly, I would like to study producers and mastering engineers because I hope to attain those titles in my lifetime. Through observations of the recording and mastering processes, I would attempt to learn production and mastering techniques and their appropriate applications. My effort would hopefully provide me with experience to suggest creative solutions to problems in an efficient and effective manner during recording and writing sessions.

Finally, I would like to examine publishers because I hope to create my own publishing company. By observing publishers, I would learn the creative, business, and legal logistics of the music business. This observation would supply me with priceless information that I could apply to my future occupational endeavors and personal aspirations.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Youtube Video with Multiple Discourses

Spanish Lesson in Reverse Psychology: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpqsypjIyVQ

From the reading, discourses are forms of life which integrate words, acts, values, beliefs, attitudes, social identities, gestures, glances, body positions, and clothes. Additionally, discourses are mastered by the enculturation into social practices through interaction with people who have already mastered the discourses. Sometimes conflicts and tension come about due to differences when integrating the aforementioned forms of life.

In this video, there are multiple discourses taking place between a father and his son. These discourses take place due to the child's desire to use the car and the father's insistence on walking.

Due to their disagreement, the father and son use words, gestures, attitudes, and body positions in their discourses. The son gestures his predilection for driving by pointing his finger at the car. Both individuals use the tone of their words to convey their attitudes about their disagreement. The son's tone indicates his innocent contention. The father's tone responds authoritatively and uses a brilliant strategy to manipulate his child. Finally, the body positioning of the father and child reveal their preferred courses of action, driving and walking.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Literacy and Culture

To me, literacy is the ability to manipulate the fundamental aspects of some "thing" to clearly demonstrate or communicate a desired idea to others. Literacy allows fluid interaction with others due to effective and efficient reactions. As such, literacy requires understanding and the ability to transfer understanding to others.

Culture is the result of the interaction of ideas, beliefs, experiences, and physical objects. Thus, culture exists as long as interaction occurs amongst the four divisions of culture.

Alternatively, one can view culture as the knowledge of humanity and its expressions. From this knowledge, we develop seemingly innate social protocol that is in a state of constant refinement; it exists, but it lacks definition. To acquire definition, one must become literate.