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Monday, March 12, 2012

Songwriting Culture Terms

- Lead Sheet: A piece of compositional music that can dictate the musical notes, rhythm, melodic line, chords, lyrics, and various sections of a song.

- Demo: The first recording of a song that is pitched to music publishers, artists, entertainment industry officials, etc. It usually contains a rendition of the song by the songwriter.

- Advance: Prepayment of royalties. Once an advance is recouped, the receiver of the advance can begin to accrue royalties based on the exploitation of his/her work.

- Writer's Nights: These are performances at venues that showcase songwriters and their songs. Usually multiple writers take turns performing their works.

- Harry Fox Agency: Licensing agent that issues mechanical licenses to users of a songwriter's material.

- Copyright: This entity protects the use of copyrightable material. A work is protected by copyright when it is original and fixed in a tangible form. A copyright protects a copyright owner's rights regarding reproduction, distribution, derivative works, public performance, public display, and public performance via digital transmission.

- eCO: Electronic Copyright Office.

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